Lentil Bolognese Pasta (GF option)


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Lentil Bolognese Pasta (GF option)
A trio of lentils simmered with fresh tomatoes and a myriad of herbs creates a rich hearty sauce that is then set atop pasta noodles, almond ricotta, roasted veggies and local mushrooms.

Contains: wheat (traditional pasta), corn (gf pasta), almonds, nutmeg, coconut, soy
Pasta (WHEAT or CORN), almond, coconut creme, Country Crock plant based butter, basil, parsley, sage, vegetable broth, garlic, lentil,  lemon, asparagus, red peppers, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, King Arthur gluten free flour 

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Chana Masala over Basmati (GF), Italian Slaw (GF), Salted Caramel Brownie (GF)


Corn pasta (Gluten-free), Wheat pasta (contains gluten)

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