Weekly Menu

Add one of everything for $35

Main Dishes


Compost Plate (GF option)

Creamy mac salad, home fries, housemade baked beans, smothered in a chunky hot sauce served with a roasted rainbow carrot dog, diced onions, yellow mustard and sliced bread on the side.

Tossed Thanksgiving Salad (GF)

Spinach and arugula base topped with roasted vegetables and sweet potato cubes with stuffing croutons, walnuts and a cranberry vinaigrette.


Irish Mushroom Stew (GF option)

Rich, thick and hearty Irish sure that’s loaded with veggies and served with a side of potatoes
Pint $10/Quart $18

Peanut Butter Brownies (GF)

Fudgy, chewy brownie base with a whipped peanut butter cream layer and dark chocolate topping.


Carrot Cake Cupcakes (GF)

Sweet carrot cake with pineapple and golden raisins
topped with cream cheese buttercream and toasted walnuts

Orders must be placed by 7pm, Saturday, for the week