Vegan Cuisine and Meal Delivery



Our menu updates weekly.

Orders must be placed by Saturdays at 7pm for the upcoming week.


Find us at one of our many upcoming events around the CSRA! We feature special menus for our events.


We create custom desserts and dishes for events and holidays. Please drop us a message to find out more.

This Week’s Menu:


Mushroom Reuben (GF option)
This take on the deli classic replaces the corned beef with slices of portobello mushrooms for a satisfying sandwich featuring zesty Russian dressing, melty cheese sauce and tangy sauerkraut

Thai Basil Chik’n Bowl (GF)
Sweet and spicy rice bowl served with cashews, Chik’n soy curls, Thai basil, fresh mango, bell peppers, green beans tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce

Big Macless Salad (GF)
Blend of shredded lettuce and mixed field greens, tomatoes, pickles, zesty red onions, and perfectly seasoned lentils all smothered in a special sauce that is sure to bring all your vegan dreams of fast food deliciousness right to your plate


Lemon Rosemary Broccoli and Chickpeas (GF)
Tender broccoli florets and crispy chickpeas tossed in a lemon tahini dressing

Roasted smashed potatoes (GF)
Crispy roasted baby potatoes seasoned with fresh herbs and served with a Cajun sauce

Dulce de Leche Cookies (GF)
Tender buttery cookies filled with a dulce de leche cream

Orange Cranberry Oat Boats (GF)
Creamy cranberry studded oats topped with decadent orange scented cheesecake topping


Peach Schnapps Sage Cupcake (GF)

Peach studded vanilla cupcake topped with a toasted sage buttercream and schnapps simmered peaches.

Orders must be placed by 7pm, Saturday, for the week

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