Vietnamese Salad (GF)


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Vietnamese Salad (GF)
All across Vietnam you see these shredded “slaw-style” salads like green papaya salad and banana blossom salad, loaded with fresh herbs, compared to green leafy salads common in Western cuisine. And similarly it is with the Nuoc Cham salad dressing that I’m using here.

Ingredients: Soy curl, veggie broth, bell pepper, Carrot, Chilli,, Coriander/cilantro, Cucumber, Garlic, Mint, Peanuts, Red onion, cabbage, Lime juice, cane sugar, Canola oil, Rice vinegar

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Weekly soup: Creamy Beet(GF), Roasted Broccoletti (GF), Mac and Cheese (wheat pasta), Mac and Cheese (corn pasta – GF option), Fruit Parfait (GF), Lemon Thyme Cupcake (GF)

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