Beet Pesto Pasta (GF option)


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Beet Pesto Pasta (GF option)
Beets are known for their texture and earthy flavors, but more so for the vibrant colors which lend to a bright colored noodles. Paired with garlic and vinegar to enhance their flavor and the almond pesto to add richness and depth.

Contains: Almonds, Pasta: wheat or corn
Ingredients: Pasta of choice, garlic, almond, beets, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, microgreens, squash, spinach, vegan Parmesan

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Weekly soup: Brussel Sprout Thai Curry (GF), Forbidden Rice Salad (GF), Ceviche (GF), Blackberry Cracking Oats (GF), Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Sammie (GF)

Gluten Options

Wheat pasta (contains gluten), Corn Pasta (gluten-free option)

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