Compost Plate (GF option)


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Compost Plate (GF option)
Creamy mac salad, home fries, housemade baked beans, smothered in a chunky hot sauce served with a roasted carrot dog, diced onions, yellow mustard and sliced bread on the side.

Contains: soy, coconut, bread: wheat (traditional), corn (gluten free bread and all pasta
Ingredients: Potatoes, beans, tomato paste, mustard, onions, paprika, cauliflower, textured vegetable protein (soy), coconut aminos, bell pepper, carrot, vegetable broth, turmeric, garlic, oregano, chili powder, Country Crock plant based butter, olive oil, cayenne, gluten free corn based based pasta, vegan mayo, salt, pasta (WHEAT or CORN)

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Weekly soup: Red Lentil with Lemon (GF), Mac Salad (GF), Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding aka Che Bap(GF), Heart Cookie (GF), Lemon Raspberry Loaf (GF)


Wheat, Corn (gluten-free)

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